Official documentation of Robots.Farm. The exact details may vary as the game developers continue to innovate and enhance experience.

Introduction to Robots.Farm

Welcome to the official documentation of Robots.Farm, your comprehensive guide to navigating this blockchain-based game that seamlessly marries DeFi principles with an engaging gameplay experience.
Built on the reliable and swift zkSync blockchain, Robots.Farm offers you a chance to delve into a futuristic world of limitless opportunities for growth, exploration, and success.

The Genesis of Robots.Farm

Born out of a passion for the transformative power of DeFi and blockchain technologies, we saw the potential for an immersive DeFi project that captivates players while leveraging blockchain's potential. Trading and yields are thrilling, but we wanted to push the envelope further.
What if the DeFi experience wasn't just about trading but a thrilling interactive adventure? Robots.Farm thus emerged out of the need for a gamified DeFi experience. We saw the need for a project where players could construct and upgrade operations to augment returns, embark on quests, and hunt for rare NFTs that can significantly influence rewards and profits.
Airdrop: Discover and collect in-game tokens via our unique airdrop mechanism, rewarding both new and loyal players through various categories, ensuring every player gets a taste of the bounty.
Points: The lifeblood of Robots Farm. Earn points through myriad activities, representing your commitment, strategic prowess, and overall engagement with the game's universe.
How to Play: Dive into a captivating gameplay experience. Navigate challenges, strategize your moves, and immerse yourself in a world where every decision counts.
Items: Equip and utilize an array of in-game items. Each item can enhance your gameplay, offering unique advantages and opening doors to new strategies.
Crates: Stumble upon these mysterious crates in-game, unlocking potential rewards, items, and surprises that can elevate your gaming experience.
Leaderboards: Track your progress and see how you stack up against the global community. Compete, climb, and claim your rightful spot among the best.
Guilds: Team up and form guilds. Collaborate, strategize, and grow together, reaping mutual rewards and forging alliances that can change the course of your game.
ENS Names: Personalize your Robots Farm identity with ENS names, adding a unique touch to your profile while navigating the expansive Robots Farm universe.

Our Team, Our Vision

Our vision was a DEX that offered holders more than just a financial token. We wanted to offer a token that is usable, valuable, and reciprocates in a multitude of exhilarating ways. By weaving DeFi elements into a gripping game, we ensure that holders are offered a rewarding and engaging experience.
We're playing the long game, with plans in place for upcoming phases as well as a long-term vision. Our aim is to steer this community and project towards sustained success.
Welcome to Robots.Farm, where the DeFi experience is not just about investing but also about gaming and building a community. Join us and explore the universe of opportunities that await you!